SFI, Swedish for immigrants

SFI is an education for those who don´t have Swedish as their first language. You will learn the basics of how to read and write in Swedish. You will also practice on using the language in your daily life and in your future work. The education is free. You can study during the day, in the evening, on Saturdays or distance.

This is what you need to fulfill to be entitled to study SFI in Upplands Väsby:

  • You are at least 16 years old.
  • You don´t have knowledge in Swedish.
  • You have a home address in Upplands Väsby.
  • You have received your personal id number.

Exception for SFI studies

You also have the right to study SFI if you fulfill these requirements:

  • You are an EU/EES or Swiss citizen and have a co-ordination number.
  • You are an EU/EES or Swiss citizen without personal identity number or co-ordination number. Visit us at our drop in activity to apply for SFI. Your citizenship has to be shown with your passport.
  • You have to live in Upplands Väsby.

Different levels of studying SFI

SFI is divided in different kinds of levels. You will be placed in the right level based on your educational background. You will also be placed depending on your knowledge in languages.

UHR- Swedish Council for Higher Education

If you have a foreign education UHR can evaluate it for you. The evaluation takes about six to nine months.

Application for recognition of foreign qualifications on UHR's web pagelänk till annan webbplats        

Application and student aid

When you have sent your application the school will contact you within three to four weeks by e-mail or sms. The school will inform you which day and at what time you will start.

At SFI level you can´t apply for student aid.

Sfx - Swedish for professionals

Do you have a profession from your home country? Do you want to learn Swedish quickly? Would you also like to validate your qualifications and start to work? To do this you can apply for SFX. You will learn Swedish within your professional field. The goal is to shorten your way to employment. There are courses in nine different fields.

Information about Sfx on their websitelänk till annan webbplats

SFI and basic Swedish with a vocational education

You have the oppurtunity to study SFI with a vocational education. We offer educations in health care and child care. Contact the adult education for more information on how to apply.


Are you an immigrant with a short education (0-6 years)? In that case you can study SFI-bas.

For more information please contact the adult education.

Civic orientation

Are you new in Sweden? Then you might have the right to take a free course in civic orientation. You will learn about your rights and obligations. You will also learn about Swedish democracy and how the society works.

The course provides you with important information to ensure a good start in Sweden. You will take the course in your language.

To sign up please contact us vuxenutbildningen@upplandsvasby.se.

Information about civic orientation on their websitelänk till annan webbplats

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