Summer greeting e-mail 2020-06-09

Here you can read a translation into English of the e-mail you have recieved.


A big thank you for your good cooperation and understanding during this spring term, which became so different for all of us. After all, we are glad that we could keep up such a large part of the teaching in different ways. Now summer is finally approaching, and we at Kulturskolan wish you all a nice summer!

Thank you for this semester, which has been so different for all of us! Finally, the summer is approaching. We are glad, after all, to keep up so much of the teaching, in different ways. Big thanks for your good cooperation and understanding during this period!

Lesson start in autumn 2020

On Monday, September 7, teaching will start again. As usual, your teacher will email / call about lesson times in late August (in some cases even before the summer). Teatchers contact information

Students retain their place until terminated. If you receive this email, we expect your child to continue in his subject this fall, which we think is obviously great fun! :)

New routine for invoicing

Invoices ht-20 will be sent at the end of August
(previously sent at the end of September).

Due to covid-19

At present, we assume that our teaching can be carried out in the autumn, with the changes that need to be made to comply with the recommendations. We continue to work with hand hygiene and students and teachers stay at home with the slightest symptoms of covid-19.
If we need to set up operations or make other major changes, we will announce it continuously, depending on how the epidemic progresses. If the guaranteed number of lessons is not fulfilled during the next school year, this will be compensated at the end of the spring term.

The expedition has closed in the summer

During the period June 29 - August 6, we only receive notifications by mail, and respond as soon as we are back in August. The teachers are back after their summer vacation on August 17.

We wish you a nice and enjoyable summer, take care of you!

Information in other languages

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Please contact if you have any questions!

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